We are very happy to present our new website! In our anniversary year with the 30th jubilee, this is a double reason to celebrate. Modern, informative and now responsive. After a proper fresh cell cure, our website has been revised on a technical, visual and content level, to meet today’s standards.

In addition to a modern design with large graphics and illustrations, the relaunch also focused on adapting the structure and content to the needs of our visitors and target groups. Under this aspect, prospects, customers, partners or even applicants can get an overview of the competences as well as the range of services of our application-oriented solutions from LASE without an extensive search. For our international visitors, our website can now be visited at www.lase-solutions.com, ensuring that the content in English language is reflected in this domain.

Furthermore, we regularly inform about news, products and events in our new news menu. Soon, a blog will be available here as well, where visitors can learn more about LASE and our case studies so that we want to be even more accessible besides the social media channels.

We hope you enjoy exploring our new website further and of course, we are looking forward to your feedback, where we are open to further suggestions or compliments and criticism. You are welcome to use our newly designed dynamic contact form for this purpose.