LASE 2000T Series

The LASE 2000T sensor is an optical measuring device for non-contact precision measurement in two dimensions with a high accuracy. The measurement is performed by oscillating the triangulation plane over 10° or 50°.

A fine collimated or focused laser beam is diffusely reflected from the surface of almost any kind of material or fluid, and a CCD-camera records the image through an objective. By including a Digital Signal Processor it is possible to calculate the (radial) distance from the centre of the mirror axis to the object surface, as well as tracking the angular reference position. The LASE 2000T measuring system is a compact unit where optics, CCD-camera, and digital signal processing electronics all are integrated in sensor’s housing. A schematic diagram shows the scanner seen from the side with an angle from +- 10°. The intern measuring frequency is 2 kHz (6 kHz is an option) and the measured data are used as a serial data stream (RS232 or RS 422) for a further processing with a windows pc. In order to measure even on hot surfaces or glowing objects like for example in the steel industry, further HT-, VHT- and VVHT- versions are available, too. Due to special housings the devices can be protected from temperatures of up to 2.200° C. The Standard-Version is only usable for surface temperatures of approx. 450° C.

LASE 2000T



LASE 3000D


LASE 3000D


LASE 3000D


LASE 3000D