The system LaseCPS (Car Park System) is used for automatic car parks, where it is demanded to park cars in a minimum space and where cars are moved to their parking spaces automatically. By the utilization of 2D and 3D laser scanners the cars are measured in transfer cabins, in order to know their position and dimensions as well as to check, if there are still people in the cabin. After the measurement process the car can be transported to its parking place by a hoist platform.


This laser measurement system works with two 3D laser scanners from the LASE 3000D-C1-224 Series, which are installed in the front left and rear right corners of the parking cabin. Another two 2D laser scanners are mounted in the two other remaining corners of the cabin. Furthermore the solution consists of a software application core with two different functions, where the cars both will be detected in 2D and where the dimension of the cars is detected in 3D. The first function, the so called “Discovery Mode”, describes the guidance of the car while driving into the parking cabin. The car must be positioned on the hoist platform and has a specific shifting system, where poorly parked cars can be corrected in their position with a maximum shifting range of 200 mm. In case of reaching a determined “safety region” on the hoist platform a robot lifts the car by the wheels and transfers it to the parking space.

The second function is the 3D laser measurement process, which generates highly accurate 3D measurement data of the car in all dimensions. When the driver has left the car and finished at the ticket machine, the car is fully measured. All measurement data are transferred by an Ethernet TCP/IP interface: X/Y-Position (front, back, right, left), width, height, length, degree of misalignment as well as the max. dimensions around the car to the car park control system.

For commissioning and maintenance purpose the data are visualized in a 3D point cloud that is also surrounded by an algorithmically based cuboid resp. bounding box to show the maximum dimension of the car.

Common System features

  • Highly exact combined 3D-/2D-laser measurement system für automatic car parks

  • Exact position- and dimension measurement of cars

  • Parking position detection for optimal  transportation

  • 3D measuring data for detection of max. car dimensions

  • Data transmission via Ethernet (TCP/IP)

Solutions for further Industries



Whether slabs, coils, billets or other steel products – data on dimensions, positions or even product quality are obtained by our measuring systems.



Accurate measurement solutions for optimal process control in the field of freight measurement in logistic transshipment areas.



Efficient handling of containers becomes more important and due to the permanently competitive markets our laser-based products and software solutions help to enhance efficiency, productivity as well as safety in ports and terminals.