Bulk Volume Bunker
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The LaseBVB - Bulk Volume Bunker system is a high-precision three-dimensional measuring system specially designed for measurements in bunker bearings. The application is very versatile and can be used for volume and profile measurements in different types of bunker bearings.

The Measuring System

The LaseBVB - Bulk Volume Bunker System is a high-precision three-dimensional laser measurement system, which has been specially developed for the level measurement of bunker systems.
For this volume measurement system, a 2D or 3D laser scanner is installed above the bunker or on the bunker crane. 2D is chosen in combination with crane travel or 3D for immobile installation locations, for example, on walls or ceilings. The material in the storage area is scanned with high precision. The measuring system can precisely determine fill level, volume, and profile based on the obtained scan data.

The volume measurement system can be easily and intuitively operated and controlled through a user-oriented user interface. The volume measurement is divided into chessboard-like fields within the bunker area. Measurement data is transmitted to the LASE system, which can now perform an up-to-date level measurement of each field.

Automatic feed or discharge movements of the material can thus be precisely determined. All relevant status information on volume, profile and level are clearly displayed and logged for documentation purposes. The measuring system is versatile and used for volume measurement or profile determination in various bunker system types.

General Features

High precision bunker volume measurement
Precise profile measurement of individual hopper fields
Reduced process effort due to permanent inventory
3D level measurement for optimized warehouse management
Usable as a basis for calculation through cyclical status reports
Computer-aided quality assurance and improvement
Intuitive user software
Enables overall process optimization
3D visualization of measurement data

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