Train Load Out
LaseTLO is a laser-based and contactless volume measurement, position measurement and speed measurement of wagons in a train loading station or train unloading station.

The Measuring System

The LaseTLO - Train Load Out System consists of up to six LASE 2D laser scanners that communicate with the LASE system application software and continuously record measurement data.
Two 2D laser scanners in front and two 2D laser scanners behind the train loading/unloading station are positioned laterally next to the track and measure the walls of the wagons in horizontal scan planes. They measure the speed of the train and the position of the wagons. Another 2D laser scanner is positioned in front of the train loading/unloading station, centred above the tracks, and measures the empty or full volume. 

Another 2D laser scanner behind the train loading/unloading station measures the respective fill level or checks whether the wagon has been completely emptied. The function here depends on the process of the train loading/unloading station.

General Features

Volume measurement
Filling degree measurement after the filling process
Exact position detection of the draught
Open door detection
Empty profile measurement
Emptiness control
Train speed measurement


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