LASE 1000D Series

The sensors out of the LASE 1000D-Series measure with TOF technology (Time of flight technology) at distances of up to 1200m on reflectors and up to 155 m on natural surfaces.

The sensors transmit extremely short multiple light pulses, measure the running time of these pulses to the object and back and also computes the distance. The measuring data will be send serially over a RS 232/RS 422 interface as well as a programmable analog 4-20 mA output. Further two switching outputs are on board which can be configured in logic and band width. As a third interface PROFIBUS DP is also available.
The distance meters out of the LASE 1000D-Series are also equipped with a microprocessor control. Thus high accuracies can be gained as well as high-dynamic movements can be measured by a controllable averaging. Confirmed distances can be defined as threshold values which exceeding or falling below is monitored.

LASE 1000D



LASE 1000T


LASE 1000T


LASE 1000T