LASE 1000T

Laser sensors for distance and thickness measurements

LASE 1000T sensors are laser rangefinders for non-contact laser distance and thickness measurements - even under the most difficult operating conditions. Transmitter, receiver and electronic signal processing are integrated in the compact laser sensors. Laser distance measurement is also possible on partially transparent objects. For laser thickness measurement, two laser sensors form one measuring unit.

How the laser distance meters work
The distance to an object is determined by the triangulation method. A laser beam forms a point on the object to be measured. The image of the point is reflected onto a CCD line scan camera. The distance to the object is calculated from the position of the exposed CCD pixels.

For laser thickness measurement, two sensors of the same type are used. They are interconnected and form a unit that provides only a single thickness measurement value. The laser distance meters of the LASE 1000T series have an additional built-in function that enables laser thickness measurements on partially transparent objects (e.g. paper, plastic, etc.) without the measuring beams influencing each other.

The devices are synchronised and the laser measurements always take place alternately. An automatic adjustment of the light intensity also allows laser measurements to be taken on a wide variety of surface types. Light-emitting diodes on the front of the laser sensor (which indicate whether the sensor is within the measuring range or exactly in the centre of the range) make it easier to find the optimum mounting location. The visible measuring beam helps the user to align the device with the object to be measured.

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