Automatic Freight Measurement

The system LaseAFM (Automatic Freight Measurement) for the automatic and multi-dimensional freight measurement delivers highly accurate measurement data for freight forwarders and ensures higher transperency as well assaving of time in transshipment stations. By the automatic detection of the volumedimensionweight, freight-ID and image data, manual measurements and transcription errors are excluded within the freight documentation process.


With the use of state-of-the-art 3D-Laser scanners (mounted at the four portal corners) LaseAFM measures all dimensions with highest accuracy. The measurement process starts at the push of a button at the operator terminal or by scanning the freight-ID (if Module I – Ident is applied).

Even during the 3D-Laser measurement also HD pictures of the freight object are taken for comprehensive consignment information. The complete freight measurement procedure only takes a few seconds and all detected freight information is forwarded to the warehouse management system (WMS). A further module for the generation of weight measurement data (Module W – Weight) can be added optionally.

The accurate and automatic 3D-Laser volume measurement combined with the freight weight generate reliable freight data and avoid wrong freight rating.

The flexible variants of the LaseAFM product family (LaseAFM-2, LaseAFM-3, LaseAFM-4, LaseAFM-C5, LaseAFM-Wrapper) ensure that shipper and carrier remain partners and that their relationship is not burdened by incorrect freight dimensions or weight data.

In addition, automatic measurement can reduce turnaround time by providing knowledge of accurate freight data for optimal loading of containers and trucks. Accordingly, the highly flexible and mobile LaseAFM system has many advantages.

Common system features

  • Automatic volume measurement

  • Fast and efficient

  • Low resource effort

  • High accuracy

  • Automatic weight measurement (Module Weight)

  • Freight identification (Module Ident)

  • Loggable freight data

  • 4.0-capable

  • Modular and compact system (mobile version, overhead construction)

  • Usable for oversize freight by extendable measuring area




Whether slabs, coils, billets or other steel products – data on dimensions, positions or even product quality are obtained by our measuring systems.



Non-contact and robust measuring solutions for the underground and open-surface mining industry to acquire volume and profile information.



Efficient handling of containers becomes more important and due to the permanently competitive markets our laser-based products and software solutions help to enhance efficiency, productivity as well as safety in ports and terminals.