Boom Collision Prevention
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The LaseBCP Boom Collision Prevention is a two-dimensional laser measurement system that monitors the area around the boom of STS cranes during crane travel. If an obstacle on the vessel such as the bridge, radio antennas, etc. is detected during crane travel, a signal is sent to the crane control system to slow down or stop the crane travel before a collision with the vessel's superstructure can occur. The system is specially designed for use in STS ship operations and prevents significant damage, crane downtime and particularly dangerous accidents.

The measurement system

The LaseBCP measurement system consists of a 2D laser scanner from the LASE 2000D series installed at the water-side end of the STS crane boom or at the land-side end of the crane boom. The laser scanner creates a horizontal scan plane under the crane boom along its underside. The scan plane is parameterised in the form of three graduated monitoring areas.
When the STS crane moves in gantry mode and approaches an obstacle on the ship, a signal is transmitted to the crane PLC, which slows down the movement or stops it. The monitoring area is divided into three different zones (blue, yellow, red) and depending on the position of an obstacle within the zones. The PLC evaluates the situation to slow down (yellow) or stop (red) the crane travel.

The main advantage of this system is its smart handling, where detected objects are analysed based on their lifetime and spatial extent. If both exceed predefined thresholds, the object is displayed and stored. This thus ensures reliable system performance and avoids false alarms caused by, e.g. birds, raindrops or snowflakes.


2D measuring system with state-of-the-art laser technology
Precise and reliable collision avoidance of the crane boom through clever obstacle detection
Individually definable monitoring areas around the crane boom
Analysis of lifetime and spatial extent of objects to avoid false alarms
Immediate alarm to the PLC stops the gantry travel in case of collision detection
Easy retrofitting of existing quay crane systems
Avoidance of severe damage, crane failure and injury

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