LaseGCP – Gantry Collision Prevention

The LaseGCP – Gantry Collision Prevention system is a driver assistance system that helps crane operators to avoid collisions and increase system availability. The system can be used with two or four 2D laser scanners mounted at the gantry heading in both driving directions. The scan plans looking horizontal over the ground.


The laser measurement system consists of two or four 2D laser scanners from the LASE 2000D Series. They are mounted at the gantry in a height of approx. 1 – 1,5 m. The scan planes are projected parallel to the ground. The data from the laser scanner will be send to a central controller device, that evaluate the data and detecting dangerous situations. In the control system dynamic surveillance fields will be generated – analogue to the crane speed.

This means that the scan fields are small at low speeds and will increase with the gantry speed. The fields cover the width of the gantry (including stairs which might be on the side of the crane). The system is working with three detection fields. The biggest/outer one is for building candidates – it is the “candidates field”. Candidates are objects which have a certain size and life-time. These candidates are serious objects/subjects that should be protected when they are wandering into the warning or the alarm field. These method ensures no false alarms by randomly occurring objects, like for example under snow-fall or bird-fly conditions. When the object/subject has been wandered into the smaller “warning field” then the system react and send a warning to the crane driver and start decelerating the gantry speed. When the next field, the “alarm field“ will be injured the emergency stop will be set.

Common system features

  • Prevention of dangerous situations and thereby increasing the level of safety

  • Cost savings by no collisions and avoiding repair costs

  • Increased system availability due to decreased crane downtimes

  • System is modular – two or four sensors can be used

  • High reliability against environmental influences – no false alarms

  • Trustable product with high acceptance of crane driver

  • Crane driver can concentrate on operation

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