LASE awarded a contract to equip 8 RTG Cranes with LaseLCPS-3D-2D in Hong Kong


LASE has been awarded to equip 8 RTG cranes with LaseLCPS-3D-2D systems for an OEM in Hong Kong. The LaseLCPS-3D-2D system is designed for crane safety and is certified as Pl d cat. 3. It includes a control cabinet with a PC and software, a 3D laser scanner, and a 2D laser scanner mounted under the crane's trolley. The 2D scanner is responsible for collision monitoring in the trolley-travel direction and the height profile, while the 3D scanner is used for collision avoidance with adjacent container stacks. The system tracks the position of the spreader and container height at the spreader and automatically detects collision risks. It continuously measures the stack's topography, identifying collision points and creating a virtual safety area in both cross-travel directions.

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