Solutions for Wood Industry

Learn more about our system solutions for the accurate measurement and process optimisation in the wood industry. In recent years, the use of wood materials for energy production has increased. In most cases, biomass products such as wood chips are used.

In order to be able to conduct proper planning as well as logistic processes and stock inventories, an exact volume determination of the delivered materials has a high priority.

In most cases, wood or wood chip piles are still only measured visually or manually, so that it is logical that not even approximately exact volume values can be determined. Especially irregular shaped or large piles often lead to measurement errors. In the case of measurements with a truck scale, measurement inaccuracies due to manipulation cannot be excluded here either.

With the help of our laser measuring systems, various wood materials can be measured in 3D and their exact volume can be determined. This applies both to static measurements and to measurements on trucks in the drive-through.

Our Solutions for Wood Industry

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