History of LASE

LASE was founded on May 15th by the present CEO Dipl.-Ing. Achim Klingberg in Hünxe (Germany) in 1990. He was pioneering in the development and usage of laser measurement technology in the heavy industry. One of the first business deals was the delivery of 1D laser distance meters for the fill level detection of ladles to the smelter company “Krupp Mannesmann” in Duisburg. In this task lasers had to be able to measure on hot surfaces and these lasers also had to be protected against extreme heat.

In this commission it was the task to develop an appropriate solution together with the customer. In the following years the product range has been extended. In the year 2001 2D laser scanners have been added and later, in 2005, the first 3D laser scanner has also been released by LASE. In order to process those complex measurement data from the 2D and 3D applications, the company LASE Systemtechnik GmbH was founded by Dipl.-Ing. Lars Ambrosy in Bremen (Germany).


LASE Industrielle Lasertechnik GmbH

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Three years later in 2004 both businesses have been consolidated under the umbrella of the company LASE Industrielle Lasertechnik GmbH – the location in Bremen is kept as further branch.

The range of products reaches from punctual distance measurements to complex laser measurements system – mostly in difficult operating conditions. The main field of business activity is the production and distribution of components and system solutions as well as the development of customized software applications. Furthermore our team of experienced engineers and technicians provide competent support – starting from initial consulting to proper commissioning.

LASE's measuring systems are used worldwide mainly for port and crane applications, profile and volume measurements in stockpiles or bunkers, and for measuring steel products. Since 2007, internationalisation has also been stepped up, establishing a sales office in Shanghai (China) in 2008 and a joint venture company, Feal Pvt. Ltd. in Calcutta, in India in 2010. In addition, many new distributors were acquired worldwide. In addition to internationalisation, new business areas have been increasingly developed since 2002. While in the beginning the focus was solely on the steel industry, today the port and mining business areas account for a significant share of turnover.

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About Lase

In order to serve our customers who are not only active in the industrial sector, the company LASE PeCo Systemtechnik GmbH was founded in 2008; this company deals with security applications (building and field monitoring) as well as people counting.

Today, LASE is a solid company that is well established on the market. Many of the world’s leading machine manufacturers and automation companies have relied on our products, services and expertise ever since.

The implementation of a certified quality management system according to ISO 9001:2008 as well as the safety requirements according to SCC** 2011 also guarantee standardized and transparent work processes and are the primary goal of our actions.
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Our Promise


For more than 30 years LASE is developing, producing and distributing laser measurement systems, laser scanners, distance meters and different components for several kinds of industries. Our customers use the laser-based measurement systems in order to improve the quality of their products and services as well as to enhance process productivity.

Quality and safety is the primary goal of our actions – in terms of a permanent customer satisfaction we want to meet all your requirements about our products and services.

For this reason we are proud to tell that we are certified to ISO 9001:2015 and SCC** 2011.

Latest news


LASE awarded a contract to equip 8 RTG Cranes with LaseLCPS-3D-2D in Hong Kong

LASE has been awarded to equip 8 RTG cranes with LaseLCPS-3D-2D systems for an OEM in Hong Kong. The LaseLCPS-3D-2D system is designed for crane safety and is certified as Pl d cat. 3. It includes a control cabinet with a PC and software, a 3D laser scanner, and a 2D laser scanner mounted under […]

LASE to supply 4 LaseTVM-3D-S Systems for a project in Belgium

For a project in Belgium, LASE has been awarded the contract to supply 4 LaseTVM-3D-S systems. This system provides a static measurement of the vehicle's load volume, typically on a surface where trucks stop or an addition to a weighbridge. The laser scanner is mounted centrally above the measurement area. It measures the truck's load […]

LASE wins contract to equip 22 RMG Cranes in Brazil with LaseTLP-3D Systems

LASE has been awarded the contract to equip 22 RMG cranes with LaseTLP-3D systems for a project in Brazil. The LaseTLP prevents accidents during container truck unloading by detecting a truck lift if twistlocks are still locked. It can be used in various crane systems, including RTG, RMG, and ARMG. The system consists of up […]

LASE to supply one LaseTPS-ML for a customer in Brazil

LASE has been awarded to supply one LaseTPS-ML for a project in Brazil. The LaseTLP-ML is a 3D laser measurement system, which is a reliable and efficient solution for accurate truck positioning. It was developed for RTG, RMG and STS cranes, automatic trucks, and AGV positioning. Truck positioning can be done in one shot with […]
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