As a patent holder, LASE does not limit itself to the pure distribution and reproduction of conventional applications or products, but also sees it as a challenge to constantly drive forward its own innovations and develop optimal solutions.


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On 10 March 2016, LASE Industrielle Lasertechnik GmbH received patent certificate no. 10 2012 020 953 entitled "3D laser scan measuring system for determining the position in which an ISO container is to be placed on a carrier vehicle" (German patent), which represents the successful final result of an in-house project development.

As with the European patent for "container position determination on carrier vehicles", this laser scanner-based system can be used to increase both the degree of automation and container handling in the landside loading and unloading zones in the port area.
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Innovation and Technology: LASE's Patent and TÜV Certification

LASE has been granted in respect of the invention described in the patent specification for the Contracting States designed in the specification. In addition, LASE has been given a TÜV Certification including these key standards:

LASE awarded a contract to equip a crane manufacturer from Finland

LASE has been awarded the contract to supply a crane manufacturer from Finland with two LaseLCPS-STS-3D systems. The LaseLCPS-STS-3D - (Load Collision Prevention measurement system) enables 3D collision prevention of containers at the spreader of an STS crane with containers on a container ship.

LASE has won a project in England for an Italian OEM customer

LASE has been awarded the contract to supply 3 LaseCPY and 3 LaseSPY systems for a project in England. The LaseCPY measuring system measures the position of coils in the crane, trolley and height directions in a warehouse or outdoor storage facility. It consists of one or more 2D laser scanners, depending on the total width of […]

LASE to supply one LaseBVB system for a German plant manufacturer

LASE has been awarded to supply a LaseBVB system to a German plant manufacturer. The LaseBVB system is a precise 3D laser measurement system designed for bunkers. Utilising 2D or 3D laser scanners, it accurately measures bunker levels, volumes, and profiles. It scans materials stored in bunkers, enabling precise determination of fill level and movement. […]
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