Innovation and Technology: LASE's Patent and TÜV Certification


LASE has been granted in respect of the invention described in the patent specification for the Contracting States designed in the specification. In addition, LASE has been given a TÜV Certification including these key standards:

  • DIN VDE 0100-410:2018-10 specifies protective measures to protect individuals from electric shock.
  • DIN VDE 0100-420:2019-10 addresses protective measures aimed at safeguarding individuals from thermal effects.
  • DIN EN 60204-1:2019 defines general requirements for the electrical equipment of machines to ensure their safety.
  • DIN EN ISO 13849-1:2016-06 sets out design principles for safety-related parts of control systems to enhance machine safety.
  • DIN EN ISO 13849-2:2013-02 describes the validation process for safety-related parts of control systems to ensure they function properly.
    Each playing a pivotal role in enhancing electrical and machine safety practices. Understanding and adhering to these standards are essential steps towards mitigating risks and fostering a safer working environment.

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