LASE 2000T

Non-contact 2D measurement combined with highest accuracy

The LASE 2000T sensor is an optical measuring instrument for non-contact 2D measurement in combination with highest accuracy. The measurement is carried out by oscillating the measuring beam over 10° or 50°, whereby a finely focused laser beam is diffusely reflected from the object surface and, in conjunction with a CCD camera, this point is recorded. The distance is calculated from the position of the point on the CCD line and the corresponding angular coordinate is determined from the position of the deflection mirror.

The LASE 2000T measuring system is a compact unit in which optics, CCD camera, motor-driven mirror and digital signal processing electronics are integrated in the sensor housing.
The measurement data is made available as a data stream serially (RS232 or RS422) to a Windows PC for further processing. The scanner is also supplied with a Windows test/demo program and a scanner-specific DLL.

The PC programme processes the output data from the scanner via a serial interface and graphically displays the measured scan. The software either displays the measuring points with polar coordinates or shows a table with numerical X and Y values for each measuring point. The start value and the number of points displayed in the table are also freely definable.

The LASE 2000T sensor was specially developed to meet the needs of 2D or profile measurements in industrial applications and even allows measurement on hot surfaces or glowing objects with a temperature of up to 2,200° C. Thus, in addition to the standard version (temperature range up to approx. 450° C), the specially made HT, VHT and VVHT versions make it possible to use the sensor under the most difficult operating conditions, e.g. in a steel mill!

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