Coil Positioning Trucks
The LASE measuring system LaseCPT consists of a laser scanner that measures the position of coils on trucks on the Y and Z axis (cross travel and lift axis).

The Measuring System

The laser scanner is mounted to the crane at a 4 m distance from the centre of the truck lane. The measured data from the LASE system provides 3-dimensional images of the position of the coils on the trucks.
The positions of the coils are determined by a measurement drive of the crane over the trucks before loading or unloading. The crane travels at a constant speed over the trucks to be measured.

After completion of the measurement drive, the calculation of the coil and trough positions begins. The measurement result (positions of all coils in X, Y and Z direction) is sent to the crane PLC. The crane PLC sends the position data to the warehouse management system.

Using the coil position data, the warehouse management system can generate the travel orders for the automatic crane.

General Features

Automatic loading and unloading of trucks
Accurate coil position detection
Gentle handling
Faster turnaround times
Robust measurement technology
Avoidance of damage
Automatic slab handling is also possible
Use of existing structures

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