LASE 3000D

High Performance 3D-Laserscanner

The high-performance laser scanners from the LASE 3000D series product range are based on the components of the proven 2D laser scanners from the LASE 2000D series and an additional swivel platform driven by a servo motor.

A high-resolution encoder on the servo drive measures the angle of rotation of the platform and by linking the precise distance measurement data of the 2D laser scanner with the exact encoder values, a precise 3D image of the measurement objects is created.

The mode of operation of this unit is controlled by the LASE CEWS application software, so that continuous panning can take place or the laser head can be moved to a fixed position. The advantage of this selection is that the scanner is only panned in the relevant areas. Through the use of the LASE 3000D series, whether in the standard or compact variant, numerous applications for the most diverse industrial sectors have already been successfully implemented.

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