Lase 1000D-R/-T Series

Non-contact and one-dimensional distance measuring devices
The sensors of the LASE 1000D-R/-T series are non-contact and one-dimensional measuring distance measuring devices, which are specially produced for use in harsh environmental conditions.

The Sensor

The LASE 1000D-R / -T series sensors can measure with their TOF measuring method (Time of flight technology) in an operating range of up to 800 meters on reflectors and 110 meters on natural surfaces.
The distance meters send out extremely short light pulses, measure the transit time of these pulses to the object and back, and use this to calculate the distance. The measurement data are output via serial interfaces RS232 / RS422, via SSI or via an analogue 4… 20 mA interface for further processing of the measured values.

There are also two configurable switching outputs available. PROFIBUS DP is also available as a standard interface. With a microprocessor control, high levels of accuracy can be achieved through controllable averaging, or highly dynamic movements can be measured.

Fixed distances can also be defined as threshold values. The exceeding or undershooting of which is permanently monitored.


Contactless distance measurement
Ranges of up to 800 m, range of up to 110 m on natural targets
Reliable TOF technology
High accuracy, high resolution and fast measuring rat
Laser pointer for sensor alignment
Several interfaces: RS 232/422, SSI, analogue 4 … 20 mA, Profibus DP, 2 x digital
Measuring frequency 20 kHz
Active dynamic control

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