LASE 1000T Black Line Series

Non-contact, one-dimensional rangefinders
The distance sensors of the LASE 1000T Black-Line series are optical measuring devices using the triangulation principle. This technology guarantees the highest accuracies down to the μm range

The Sensor

The sensor consists of a laser diode, and a high-resolution CCD line camera arranged at an angle. The laser projects a visible point onto a measurement object. The camera line detects the laser point. The distance to the object is calculated from the position of this point on the CCD line.
With this method, an accuracy of up to 0.01 mm can be achieved, depending on the measuring range. The maximum range for measurements on natural surfaces is 1150 mm. The sensors have an automatic control of the light intensity and thus offer unsurpassed measuring properties.

The LASE 1000T Black-Line series has a compact design, as all-optical elements are integrated with the electronic components in a heavy-duty aluminium housing. The sensors do not contain any moving parts and are particularly suitable for measuring tasks in harsh industrial environments.


Contactless distance measurement in the range from 180 mm to 1150 mm
Measuring field 50 to 750 mm
High accuracy in the μm range
High measuring rate (up to 2 kHz)
Interfaces: RS 232 or RS 422, analogue 4-20 mA
Usable for target temperatures up to 450°C (as VVHT version up to 2200°C)
Easy installation
Robust construction according to IP 65
Control of the light intensity in the closed-loop process

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