Automatic Freight Measurement
LaseAFM-Tower-Flex is the optimal solution for laser-based dimension and volume measurement of pallets on semi-automatic wrapping machines/pallet wrappers. Due to the practical, flexible assembly of all components, the measuring system is ready for use in a very short time.

The Measuring System

The powerful application LaseAFM-Tower-Flex measuring system combines a two-dimensional scanning plane and the turntable's rotation to record the dimensions and volume of pallets on a wrapping machine in just a few seconds.
Automatic and precise measurement during the wrapping process represents a time-saving possibility for obtaining resilient and complete freight information and displaying it in customer-supplied warehouse management or inventory control systems.

By using a high-resolution HD camera, a complete image documentation of all freight items is achieved. Direct measurement feedback is displayed to the personnel on-site via touchscreen.

All components of the LaseAFM-Tower-Flex measuring system can be flexibly mounted and adapted to local conditions.

General Features

Flexible mounting options
Precise measurement of freight dimensions and volumes
Practical out-of-the-box measuring system
Time-saving due to measurement in the winding process
Saving of personnel resources
Elimination of manual error sources
Reliable data quality
High-resolution image documentation
Automatic weight recording (weight module)


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