Load Collision Prevention System

LASE specialises in developing specific safety systems for container ports and the automation of container terminals. Our solutions are used worldwide for safe and efficient container handling. We design individual safety systems for collision avoidance during crane travel of RTG, RMG, aRTG, aRMG and STS cranes.  Convince yourself of the effective combination of modern laser sensors and finely tuned software applications.

Safe container handling through collision prevention
The degree of automation in container handling has increased considerably in recent years. The steadily growing TEU capacities of container ships require more and more containers to be handled simultaneously. Following the safety campaigns of terminal operators, port administrations and associations, LASE supports safe container handling with its LaseLCPS (Load Collision Prevention System) - through effective collision avoidance.

Laser-based profile measurement and positioning of potential obstacles
LaseLCPS detects container profiles in stacking areas in the container yard as well as on the container ship. The precise profile measurement of the container stacks and the simultaneous position determination of the cargo enable reliable collision prevention during crane travel. Each system consists of 3D and/or 2D laser scanners on the hardware side (depending on the product type or application). The laser sensors are mounted on the crane, on the trolley platform under the cabin.

While the crane moves the load, a "Surveillance Cube" is formed around the shipment by the application software. It protects the cargo until the container transport in crane and trolley travel is completed. In the case of a potential collision hazard with a stack of containers or incorrectly placed containers of adjacent stacks, the system notifies the crane PLC. The crane's speed of travel can be reduced. In extreme cases, the crane travel can be stopped in time.

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