The Load Collision Prevention System
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The LaseLCPS-2D system is a measuring system for crane systems for collision avoidance of containers in the container stack in the trolley travel direction, i.e. the row in which a stacking process takes place. By means of the integrated soft-landing function, it serves to set down containers quietly with reduced wear, which leads to a reduction of maintenance.

The Measuring System

The LaseLCPS-2D system consists of a control cabinet with PC and software and two 2D laser scanners, which are mounted under the crane's trolley and form a vertical scan plane above the containers.
Two laser scanners are mounted on both sides of the trolley for topographic 2D detection of the containers in a container stack. The laser scanners measure the height of the container stacks in all rows. The system measures the position of the spreader or the height of the container at the spreader via the so-called spreader tracking function.

The measuring system automatically decides whether there is a possible risk of collision. In addition, the topography of the stack, i.e. the height profile, is permanently measured. Based on this topographical information, collision points are automatically and dynamically recorded and a surveillance cube is created that represents the virtual safety area in both trolley travel directions.

General Features

Collision prevention in the stack in cross travel direction
Soft landing function for noise- and wear-reduced setting down of containers
Height profiling of the container stack
Spreader tracking

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