LASE 2000D

Two-dimensional non-contact distance measuring system

The laser scanners out of our LASE 2000D-Series are two-dimensional contactless distance measuring systems built for the industrial environment, which are also usable for outdoor applications.

To record 2D profiles, the surroundings are scanned with an IR laser beam. The LASE 2000D emits extremely short light pulses, measures the time of flight of these pulses to the object and back and calculates the distance from this. The scanner also measures the angle at which the pulses are emitted and thus generates a profile image of the complete environment, including all objects, max. 100 times per second (depending on the model).

Depending on the model, the LASE 2000D scans a detection area of up to 120 m radius for dark targets or 250 m for light targets in an angular range of up to 360°. With the aid of an optional swivel platform (3D unit), a 3D profile of the surroundings can be displayed. With regard to the extensive measuring range, the large scanning angle and the high angular resolution, the scanner can be used in a wide variety of industries and for very different tasks.

Our LASE 2000D Series Products

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