Lase 2000D-13x Series

Two-dimensional laser scanners with a maximum range of 250m.
The laser scanners of the LASE 2000D-13x series measure contactless in two dimensions and were specially developed for industrial and outdoor applications.

The Scanner

The scanner captures the environment two-dimensionally (in polar coordinates) with a rotating, pulsed laser beam. When a laser beam is reflected from a target object, the object's position is determined by the measured distance and angle.
The scan takes place in an angular range of 360°. The measurement distance of the LASE 2000D-13x series is a maximum of 250 m on light natural surfaces and a maximum of 120 m on dark natural surfaces. The scanner was specially developed for outdoor applications and ensures very reliable measurement results, even in poor weather conditions.


Contactless far-reaching 2D profile measurement
Range of up to 120 m on dark natural surfaces and up to 250 m on natural surfaces
High accuracy, high resolution and fast measuring rate
RS 232/RS 422; Ethernet TCP/IP
Self-test incorporated
User-friendly software

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