Automatic Freight Measurement
Thanks to the precise, multi-dimensional recording of freight dimensions, the LaseAFM-4 system ensures automated and time-saving work processes in the area of in-house logistics or shipping. Additional options such as high-resolution image documentation offer maximum flexibility.

The measurement system

LaseAFM-4 includes four high-precision 3D laser scanners that capture the dimensions and volumes of freight in just a few seconds. Using four laser scanners makes the positioning of the freight in the measurement area irrelevant. The data is transferred to the customer's warehouse management and/or merchandise management system via a customized interface and is immediately available there for further processing.
The additional use of modern HD cameras enables high-resolution image documentation of all freight items and ensures complete freight information and protection against complaints regarding damage.

The laser scanners (optional HD cameras, touch screens, etc.) are mounted on a stable, portable metal frame. This makes it possible to react to changes in space requirements.

The automatic, laser-based recording of volume, dimensions, weight, freight ID and image data excludes manual or transmission errors in the documentation and ensures resilient and complete data.


Automatic dimension and volume measurement
Fast and efficient
High accuracy
Integration into existing IT system landscape
Applicable for "standard pallets" and bulky/unit loads
High-resolution image documentation (camera module)
Automatic weight recording (module weight)
Freight identification (module ident)
Saving of personnel resources
Elimination of manual error sources
Reliable data quality


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