Twistlock Detection System
The LaseTDS - Twistlock Detection System solution was developed to enable fully automated loading and unloading of containers from or onto truck trailers in ASC's truck transfer areas.

The Measurement System

In this measurement system, a 3D laser scanner is installed on a steel mast (height: approx. 7 m), which is located between two transfer lanes of the landside transfer area in the truck transfer area.
For a transfer area with a size of, e.g. six lanes, three 3D laser scanners are installed on columns. The laser scanners are connected via an Ethernet interface to a corresponding LASE Control Unit (LCU) running LaseTDS software application software.

The measurement data for twistlock detection is forwarded to the ASC control system as measurement results for the unloading position or loading position. Further features of the intelligent and innovative solution are accelerated and fully automated container handling, as well as material-friendly container or spreader drop off.

Common System Features

Precise twistlock detection on the trailer
Processing of up to 2 lanes per scanner
Calculation of centre position and skew angle
Obstacle and error detection
Forwarding of results to the ASC control system
Efficiency increases in the landside area
Savings in labour costs

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