Truck Lifting Prevention
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Since one or more twistlocks are regularly forgotten when manually unlocking the container twistlocks, dangerous situations arise for people and materials. The LaseTLP - Truck Lifting Prevention measuring system prevents a truck-trailer combination from being lifted by twistlocks that are still locked during container lifting.

The Measuring System

This innovative and safety-relevant solution was developed to avoid serious accidents during container truck unloading due to defective or locked twistlocks. The measuring system can be used for various crane systems such as RTG, RMG and ARMG and avoids lifting a truck-trailer combination with the container twistlocks still locked.
In the unloading zones of container ports, incidents occasionally occur in which an entire truck-trailer combination is lifted into the air by the crane due to locked twistlocks. To avoid such dangerous situations that can lead to serious accidents, LASE has developed a reliable system that detects the lifting of the trailer as early as possible.

Depending on the type of installation, the application consists of up to two 2D laser scanners, which are mounted on the cross beam between the chassis and whose scanning planes are aligned vertically in the direction of the truck zone.

The scanners measure the gap between the lifted container and the truck trailer to monitor their respective positions relative to each other when the container is lifted. If both objects lift at the same time, the system interrupts the lifting process to prevent accidents. In addition, the application has an extremely fast response time.

General Features

Highly reliable system
Applicable for all types of truck trailers (20", 40" etc.)
Exact gap measurement between trailer and container
Avoidance of accidents
Time-efficient process optimization
Damage prevention to container and chassis
Reduction of material wear
Easily adaptable also for retrofit measures

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