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LaseYC-MF-1 is a multi-functional laser measurement system based on multilayer laser scanner technology. 


The system is based on two or more multilayer laser scanners installed at the gantry to both sides and heading to the truck lane. The sensors are connected to a LASE Control Unit (LCU) with the application software. Observing the area in front of the gantry and the truck lane makes it possible to cover all the above-mentioned functions.


LaseGCP-3D - Gantry Collision Prevention
The sensors observe the area in front of the gantry and detect whether objects are in the driving path.

LaseTLP - Truck Lifting Prevention
During the lifting of the container, the measurement system tracks
the container and the structure of the chassis. When the chassis and container go upwards, the measurement system detects a lifting of the chassis and sends an alarm signal to the crane PLC.

LaseCP - Cabine Position
During the container drop process to the chassis, the measurement system checks whether the truck’s cabin is outside the operation area of the spreader resp. the container.

LaseTMD - Truck Movement Detection
During the loading and unloading process, the measurement system detects when the truck is moving.

LaseTPS - Truck Positioning System
The measurement system measures the position of the chassis and the container on the chassis. It gives feedback to the truck driver via a digital display about his relative position in the crane’s centre.

LaseASTO - Area Surveillance Truck Operation
During the chassis loading process, the measurement system observes whether there are people around the truck to raise the alarm when this is the case. Hoist motion will then be stopped.


High functionality with a reduced amount of sensors
Reasonable solution
Easy installation
Support Manual, Remote and Automatic Operation

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