Area Surveillance Truck Operation
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The LaseASTO system automatically detects and classifies the truck and driver in a „Region of Interest - ROI“, i.e. a predefined area of interest. The system can detect, locate and continuously track the position of people in work areas, for example, when a container is being loaded or unloaded.


LaseASTO divides the work area into two monitoring areas: a danger and a safety zone. In the danger zone, for example, the loading of containers takes place. If a person is in this area, an emergency shutdown of the crane system is carried out. If, on the other hand, the person is in the safety zone, container handling, for example, can be carried out safely.
At least two multi-layer laser scanners are used in this system, which are mounted, for example, on the container crane above the transfer area from crane to the truck. These scan the transfer or „monitoring area“. The measured 3D point clouds, i.e. scan data from both sensors, produce a representation of the scenario in the monitoring area under the crane. 

A segmentation of the obtained 3D point cloud provides the length, width and height of the individual objects. Based on size information and other attributes, such as the centre point and the number of points that make up the detected object, a classification as truck or driver is made. 

Once the driver has been detected, he is tracked by LaseASTO until he reaches a safety zone within the monitoring area, returns to the driver‘s cab or leaves the area of operation. These evaluations are continuously transmitted to the crane driver, who uses this information to determine when it is safe to load or unload a container. 

Alarms are not triggered if boxes or the like have already been detected in the work area. Only persons trigger an alarm here if they are not in the safe area or if other persons enter the working area from outside.

LaseASTO certificate

LaseASTO patent


Monitoring of hazardous and safety areas
Latest multilayer laser scanner technology
Suitable for automated RMG, RTG and STS cranes
Continuous personnel & machine tracking
Alarm signal to assit crane operator or remote crane operator
Direct connectable to crane automation

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