Coil Profiling Yard
The LaseCPY measuring system measures the position of coils in the crane, trolley and height directions in a warehouse or outdoor storage facility. It consists of one or more 2D laser scanners, depending on the total width of the warehouse or crane span. The system can be implemented in automated coil yard systems.

The Measuring System

The laser scanners are installed on the crane trolley or the crane bridge girder. Measurement information is evaluated in the LASE application software.
The crane moves to a start position and initializes the LASE measurement system.

Both the scan data from the laser scanners and the current crane position are recorded and collected during the crane traverse motion.

After the crane has passed the complete warehouse, the processed measurement results (position of all coils in X, Y and Z direction, as well as their dimensions) are sent to the crane PLC. The position data is also forwarded to the inventory control system.

General Features

Automated crane handling
Exact positioning of coils and coil pits
Measurement of coil dimension in x, y and z-axis
Damage-Free coil handling
Fully automatic loading and unloading in the yard
Robust measuring technology
Avoidance of product collisions

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