Rail Car Dumper
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The LaseRCD (Rail Car Dumper) measuring system allows contactless detection of rail car volumes, reliable empty car control, and detection of objects in rail car dumping stations by using high-precision 3D laser technology.

The Measuring System

Two 3D laser scanners (one per wagon) are mounted above the wagons in the tipping station.
The measurement system performs 3D scans, collects scan data and executes the necessary calculations. The scanners measure the bulk surface inside each wagon before tipping by panning the scanning plane over the wagons. In this scanning process, the full profile of the material in the wagon is measured, and foreign objects can be detected. After the unloading process, the scanners swing back and then measure the empty profile of the wagons.

The empty measurement is also used to check whether the wagon has been completely unloaded. The difference between the empty and full measurements is used to calculate the volume. This ensures a safe and efficient unloading process.

General Features

Volume measurement
Emptiness control after unloading
Detection of foreign objects on the material surface
Applicable for all types of tipping stations
Position measurement of the wagons
Robust construction
Reliable measurement results

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