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The LaseBVH - Bulk Volume Heap measuring system is a high-precision three-dimensional laser measuring system specially designed for volume measurement of bulk material stockpiles. Measurements are taken from stackers and/or reclaimers working either in the mining area or stockpiles.

The Measuring System

Depending on the stockpile size and the machine, one to two 3D laser scanners are installed on a stacker/reclaimer. The 3D laser scanner measures from the machine onto the stockpile and scans the stockpile profile. In conjunction with the machine position, a 3-dimensional stockpile profile is generated. During calibration, a so-called "zero-profile" is generated. During later operation, the 3D image of the stockpile can be compared with this profile, and the volume and profile can be determined precisely.
The system can be easily and intuitively controlled and operated by a user-oriented user interface. The LASE software evaluates the raw data from the 3D scanner using special filter algorithms and divides the measured volume into checkerboard-like fields.

Measurement data is transferred to the LASE system, which can now calculate the actual volume profile of each field. Automatic inflow or outflow movements of the material can thus be precisely determined. All relevant status information on volume profile and slope topography is clearly displayed and logged for documentation purposes.

The application is highly versatile and is used to determine the volume or profile of a wide variety of stockpile types.

General Features

Highly accurate 3D stockpile volume and profile measurement
Enables fully automated operation of stackers/reclaimers
Recognition of stockpile structure for inventory purposes
Optimized distance of the bucket wheel to the stockpile
Real-time scan model of the respective stockpile area
Accurate volume and profile measurement
Performance of a continuous and reliable inventory
Control and management of all stockpile material
Facilitated material management

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