Straddle Carrier Positioning Crane
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The LaseSPC - Straddle (Carrier) Positioning Crane measurement system is a 2D measurement system consisting of one or two 2D laser scanners mounted on either the water-side or land-side crossbeam.

The Measuring System

To ensure the measuring function, the straddle carriers in operation are equipped with two reference strips per drive girder. As soon as the straddle carrier is in front of the crane portal, the measuring system detects the straddle carrier, which then calculates its exact position.
Once the straddle carrier has been detected, the driver receives feedback via LED displays on his relative position to the centre of the crane and from one meter to the final target position, also a distance value is indicated.

Necessary corrections to the position are displayed as a numerical value to guide the operator to drive forward or backwards, thus holding at the ideal position. The system provides accurate positioning of straddle carriers and is also suitable for multi-lane operation when using two 2D scanners, whereby two straddle carriers can be positioned simultaneously.

LaseSPC-STC – STC = Safe Trafic Control Function

IIn an additional function, measured scan data of the position of the straddle carrier can be forwarded to the crane control system to prevent the spreader from being lowered into the lane of the straddle carrier operation or to block the passage of individual lanes in which the spreader is operating. This is realized by traffic lights installed above the lanes.

General Features

Highly accurate positioning of straddle carriers under STS crane systems
Suitable for multi-lane operation (max. 2 x straddle carriers simultaneously
Safe Traffic Function
Speeds up the transfer of the load
Especially suitable for crane retrofitting
Simple feedback via LED display on reaching the target position
Intuitive commissioning and maintenance tools

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