Truck Volume Measurement (Motion)
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The LaseTVM-3D-M (MOTION) is a highly accurate 3D laser measurement system for automatic and dynamic measurement of truckload volumes during a passage. The measurement system has high versatility and is used for volume measurement of various materials such as stones, sand, ore or wood products.

The Measuring System

To measure the load volume on trucks reliable and with highly accurate, two 2D laser scanners are used in combination with the LaseTVM-3D-M application software.
The LaseTVM-3D-M enables dynamic measurement of the load volume without stopping the vehicle. The laser scanners are mounted on a frame or boom in a central position above the truck lane. One laser scanner measures the transverse profile of the load, and the other laser scanner does the tracking of the truck.

The truck is measured once empty and once full, which measurement takes place first depending on the process. The difference between the full and empty truck measurements gives the exact loading volume.

The system is also available in combination with an RFID scanner (for trucks with RFID tags), an HD camera for documentation and an OCR camera for license plate recognition, so that all data is captured with just one application.

Common System Features

Automatic load volume measurement
WebPortal for remote access
Instant volume measurement without conversion factors
Easy and fast installation
No queuing
Exclusion of weight and volume manipulation
Traditional weight measurements can be affected by moisture (up to 20% of volume)
Highly accurate laser measurement system (*accuracy typically approx. 2%)

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